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The Collective

Who We Are

Lakshmi Rising Yoga & Wellness is a lifestyle school that offers professional training and personal development programs rooted in loving awareness. We offer both 200-hour foundational (RYT200) and 300-hour next-level (RYT500) vinyasa yoga teacher training immersions in Costa Rica and Europe. Our mission is to educate and empower our students while building a global community of change makers. 

The Lakshmi Rising community is a circle of seekers, educators, healers, wellness warriors, spiritual geeks, artists, and fellow humans who have accepted the challenge of making the earth a healthier, happier, and more peaceful place through the science of yoga.

We are the change that the world is finally ready for. We are the future. We invite you to join us.

The Alchemy

What We Do

We are here to empower you. We offer experiential education, unique inspiration, and authentic support for your evolution. We hold the space for deep connection. We provide the knowledge & tools to complement your will and desire for growth and healing. We curate transformational events, yoga immersions, training certification programs and retreats which offer the opportunity for you to learn and thrive.

How We Do It

We teach you how to participate in your own process. Our full-spectrum, non-compartmentalized approach will enliven you to move your body, free your mind, open your heart & awaken your Spirit. 


Dive Deep into Yoga in the Tropics
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Become a Certified Yoga Teacher at a Villa on a Vineyard
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The Intention

Why We Do It

We have the innate desire to spread peace, awareness and harmony to benefit the greater good. It’s our purpose. We work each day to fulfill our dharma and live our yoga.


What We Eat

We are spiritual environmentalists. We are also foodie artists who use the plate to create beauty and nourish our cellular growth through all of the senses. 

There are many reasons why we choose a plant-based diet. Ahimsa, one aspect of yogic philosophy, is an ethical guideline that can be loosely translated to doing no harm, or to doing the least amount of harm to the fewest creatures possible. Creatures to consider include ourselves, other humans and animals, trees, plants, oceans, and Earth.

Gaia Gourmet is not a dietit is delicious, colorful, and decadent vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Gaia Gourmet is part of the Lakshmi Rising family, providing the nourishment that supports all of our hard work and play. Food is our medicine, our culture, and our way to come together and enjoy life.


Where We Do It

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