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Develop Your Potential

We all have latent potential and promise of excellence just waiting to be ignited, nourished and expanded.

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings cultivate wellbeing, empowerment, and deep friendships. Participating in any of our intensive immersion retreats is a life-changing experience. Our courses are engaging and inspiring whether you plan to teach professionally, are looking to deepen your asana practice, or are interested in exploring yoga’s history and philosophy.

Invest In Yourself

Lakshmi Rising Vinyasa Yoga is an intentional practice that includes dynamic asana, fluid sequencing for injury prevention, purposeful pranayama, meditation & mantra, chanting, dance and ritual for optimal well-being, spiritual growth and self awareness. And yes, we are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School offering yoga teacher training certification programs since 2014.

Stay In Style

We deeply value comfort, style, art, esthetic, and the balance between form and function as vital pillars of health, and as a major influence on any experience. After all, our surroundings are an extension of our physical body and effect us all in obvious and subtle ways (emphasized in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine). We offer high quality comfort in all of our accommodations at every unique location. You will have the chance to nest in our well-appointed, tasteful, and relaxing high-end private properties. You won’t be roughing it or in a backpackers hostel.

Our Yoga

Our method is a revitalizing approach that goes beyond just the physical aspect of yoga. We do not view yoga as a performance art or competitive sport. We practice & teach yoga as an internal, healing and personal practice. Our founder and director, Dr Liz Lindh, studied directly with TKV Desikachar, and carries on the vinyasa lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya, considered by many to be the father of modern yoga. The Lakshmi Rising method is unique in the way that we fuse current research in the fields of exercise science, physical therapy, neuro-science, mind-body psychology and epi-genetics with the time-tested tradition of classical yoga. This is a modern and informed relationship with yoga that is relevant to the current challenges we face in todays industrialized civilization.

200-Hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training 

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course is the foundational training for advanced study of yoga. Whether you plan to teach professionally, are looking to deepen your asana practice, or are interested in exploring yoga’s history and philosophy, this course offers a robust introduction to the Lakshmi Rising Hatha Vinyasa Flow method in an intensive, transformational environment.

300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 

Lakshmi Rising’s 300-hour advanced program is a yoga intensive designed to nourish your practice, inspire your teaching, and expand your skill set. Our 300-hour training provides unique tools and valuable wisdom for both self-development and sharing with your community. This immersion offers deeper insight into classical and modern yogic concepts and techniques and provides students the tools they need to fully inhabit the role of a teacher. Participation in our 300-hour YTT requires completion of a 200-hour YTT—either through Lakshmi Rising or another school—or equivalent experience in yoga.

200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

Can’t take two or three weeks away from home, but want to study with Lakshmi Rising? No problem! Our signature 200-hour training will soon be available fully online. 

Gaia Gourmet Culinary Training

Gaia Gourmet cuisine powers all of Lakshmi Rising’s training and retreats, nourishing our students, guests, and family with Chef Naga’s delicious, colorful, and decadent vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The Gaia Gourmet Culinary Training course, offered on select dates, is a unique opportunity to learn the techniques and approaches involved in creating this high-vibration, nutrient-dense gourmet cuisine.

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