We love our home in Costa Rica! Here are some of our recommendations for sight seeing around San Jose and as options during the excursion days on one of our yoga teacher trainings.

La Chimbra: a huge and beautiful mountainside property that includes options for a 5k or 9k hike, a tour of a traditional coffee producing village, zip-lining, and even a high ropes course.

Toucan Rescue Ranch and Sibu Chocolate: SLOTHS! We start the day visiting an ethically run private animal rescue center where we learn about Costa Rican wildlife and the contemporary dangers that they face. We will have a chance to view some of their resident animals up-close, including sloths, owls, wild cats, spider monkeys and a river otter (all of these animals can not be released into the wild because of injuries that prevent their natural survival). This is not a zoo.

After this visit we will enjoy lunch and chocolate tasting at the epic Sibu Chocolate. Sibö’s Chocolate Tasting Tour is an interactive tasting experience and presentation on the history of chocolate at their artisan chocolate workshop and restaurant, set in a garden just outside the quaint village of San Isidro de Heredia. During the hour-long experience, their master chocolatiers share samples of fresh cacao fruit (when available) as well as roasted cacao beans, indigenous hot chocolate, as well as European-style bonbons freshly made on the premises. We’ll trace the flavor evolution of chocolate, from its role as a sacred ceremonial drink for native Costa Ricans to its use as a stimulating elixir for European aristocracy, all the way to innovative recipes today. We will leave with a deeper appreciation for chocolate and an expanded sensibility about this “food of the gods”, and hopefully a few boxes of the most delicious chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

The Green Ark Foundation Ethnobotanical Gardens: The Ark is the largest botanical garden in Costa Rica. Walk in the gardens and learn about the medicinal plants with stories and anecdotes about the herbs and flowers with their botanists while you enjoy the incredible view of the San Jose valley with the birds and butterflies that reside in this beautiful refuge, or go at your own pace, read the signs and relax on the benches placed throughout the gardens, enjoy your own private walk in the relaxed manner of the Costa Rican lifestyle with only a site map as your guide. The Ark Restaurant offers a garden-to-table five course tasting menu bursting with fresh, crisp delicious ingredients harvested in the early hours of the morning. Imagine starting your dining experience in the garden where the ingredients for your meal are harvested before your eyes! Their restaurant takes your palate to an entirely new level of flavor while you dine surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

These excursions are optional and incur additional cost. There is lots more to do nearby, so you also have the opportunity to create your own adventure, including a visit to and hiking at nearby PoasVolcano, local museums,dentist & wellness centers and more!







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