Creating true Yogi’s: Why Our Program is More Than Just a Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training’s have begun to sprout in vast, increasing numbers. It is inspiring to witness the teachings of yoga become more accessible and popular. It has also become even more necessary to be clear and discerning on where you take your training and what they are offering. This is why it is important for us to let you know our story and intention, so that you can choose a training that resonates with you and get the most out of your experience. 

If you are interested in becoming a fully qualified yoga teacher, our training will equip you with the complete toolkit you’ll need to achieve your dream. So yes…at the end of our YTT you will absolutely receive a Yoga Alliance certificate that enables and empowers you to teach if you choose to do so. However, we also want you to come away with so much more than that. 

Our intention is to create authentic Yogi’s, so no matter if you want to teach or not, you will leave our three-week holistic training experience fully equipped with perspectives and tools you can integrate into every aspect of your life. Our hope is that your entire being becomes touched by the transformative wisdom of yoga, and emanates into everything you do. Continue reading to learn how we provide this and why our YTT’s are more than just “yoga teacher” trainings.

What is Yoga? 

This is a big question, which can be answered in many different ways, depending upon who you ask. Yoga diverges into a myriad of practices and interpretations. And like rays of sunlight, they all emanate from the same source: the One. There is a reason the core teachings and messages have remained the same for thousands of years. Whatever style or teacher we choose to practice or learn from, it is highly conducive for anyone who has an interest and desire to learn Yoga to go to the source. 

Rooted in Ancient Wisdom and Philosophy 

Everything we teach at Lakshmi Rising is rooted in traditional knowledge that has been passed down from various ancient lineages, teacher to teacher. At our Yoga Teacher Trainings, we will provide you with the whole picture of Yoga; both experientially and through study. You will read from foundational, ancient texts, as well as spend time learning and discussing the philosophical wisdom which underpins the entire study and practice of Yoga. You will leave with a deep understanding of where Yoga came from, its original purpose and intention, and how this will influence not only your teaching practice, but your entire life. 

Who Are Your Teachers?

If you wanted to learn how to make the best bread you could, who would you go to? Someone who has devoted their life to the art of bread-making. The baker who gets up at 4AM every morning to lovingly knead the dough, whose elbows are always dusted with flour. When you go to a yoga class, you can often tell which teacher has a developed practice and which doesn’t. It is not only the technical skills that come with a devoted practice, but an energy which emanates from a teacher who has been infused with the wisdom of yoga. You can feel the love and devotion for their craft, which like placing a candle next to a flame, is catching.  

Practicing What We Teach

Liz and Naga, the founders of Lakshmi Rising Yoga & Wellness, have been devoted to studying the practice of Yoga for over a combined 50 years. A desire to teach arises from witnessing and experiencing the healing and transformative power of Yoga within oneself. You can read about Liz and Naga’s training and experience here. Beyond their training credentials; a Yogi is created and defined by the way they live and approach life. This is cultivated through daily habits and practices which thread together into an abiding state of presence and connection to one’s true nature. When you are on your journey, it is immensely beneficial (and inspiring) to be surrounded by the energy of those who are living and embodying what you wish to develop in yourself. 

Who are you? 

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” – Socrates 

So often, we are distracted and influenced by the actions and expectations of the external world. Many of us have trouble making decisions or deciding what to do next. To look inward and reflect on who you are and what you are seeking, is a powerful re-training. To truly know yourself needn’t be an in-depth analysis of the inner workings of your psyche. In fact, it can and should be as simple as sitting in silence with yourself. At our yoga training school you will participate in practices that will serve to further strengthen this inner connection (click here for the curriculum). Because, if you’re reading this, you have already tapped into your own intuitive wisdom…

Your Calling to Yoga 

Yoga trainings are becoming increasingly popular, in conjunction with a rising consciousness taking place on our planet. This can take the form of an interest in self-development, a questioning of purpose, or simply a desire for reprieve from the stress and overwhelm of our modern life. Maybe you started your Yoga journey when you were looking for some peace or healing in your life. Whatever it is that drew you to Yoga, you were called for a reason. It is this gentle tugging we call “intuition”, that is guiding us individually and collectively towards our highest good. 

Who will YOU become?

Nudged by the gentle hand of your intuition, you have decided you’d like to take a Yoga Teacher Training. Or you are looking to deepen your practice with a 300-hr YTT (Read this article: “Why a 300-hr YTT is important for your development”). If you choose one of Lakshmi Rising’s training’s you will have a life-altering experience while you are at one of our training centers (Check out our different location offerings); surrounded by the beauty and healing powers of nature, connecting with like-minded souls, receiving the energy and wisdom directly from your teacher’s…

At the end it will just be the beginning. And as you return home you will begin a new chapter and integrate what you’ve learned into your life, your family and that of your community. The question then turns to… who will you become?

Pursuing Exceptional 

At our Yoga Training’s, we want to help you tap into your individual power and creativity. Our teachers are an essential part of the path; you need the guidance and knowledge that an experienced and authentic teacher provides, as he or she is the human conduit for Eternal Wisdom to come forth. A good teacher will also encourage you to sustain and develop the wisdom you have received, after you leave your training. To provide the spark for you to move confidently along the path of crafting your own unique journey. 

Through yoga practice, rather than pursue perfection, we are pursuing exceptional; a limitless expansion of growth into every area of life. This is the essence of a true Yogi, and this is where the transformative power of Yoga will take effect in every area of your life and well-being. At our training’s you will receive a deep, well-rounded understanding of the ancient wisdom and philosophy behind Yoga and her sister sciences. This will provide you with a natural well-spring of motivation and inspiration to move you forward in your teaching and practice. Having experienced the devoted and conscious energy of your teachers, you will be able to draw and expand upon this energy within yourself. You will learn and cultivate practices that will sharpen your insight, deepen your intuition and expand your imagination. 

When we ask the question, “What is yoga?” it is a difficult one to answer, and that is because it is a practice that extends into everything we do. It is intended to do more than just give us a nice stretch or exercise (not to ignore the fact that the physical asanas are a crucial piece of the whole picture). There is a reason this ancient practice has existed for more than 5,000 years and why so many people say “yoga changed my life”. We want everyone who comes to our Yoga Teacher Trainings to experience the same outcome. You will absolutely learn how to teach yoga and share the beauty of this practice with others if you so desire. However, more than the world just needs more yoga teachers, the world needs more conscious, compassionate, and empowered beings. And you need (and it is your birthright to have) that too. 


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