Chef Naga

20+ Years in Food
Executive Chef

Plant-Based Artist

Gaia Gourmet Cuisine founder, Chef Naga, is a self-trained chef curating plant-based experiences around the world. In 2001, Naga experienced profound life-realizations while on a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. He became a vegetarian. As his sadhana developed into the fields of yoga and meditation, Naga embraced this spiritual journey. At the same time, he made it his mission to debunk the myth that vegetarians only eat steamed vegetables and brown rice.

Scientifically Refined!

Cuisine & Meditation

Inspired by a love of cuisine and meditation, Chef Naga honed his skills in both by embracing the scientific method: running experiments, analyzing data, adjusting accordingly, and repeating again—and again. The result of this refinement was a multidimensional vegetarian and vegan cuisine with rich, complex flavor profiles; a commitment to local produce and tradition; and gluten-free vegan desserts that are nutrient dense and plate-licking amazing!

Naga also became a fairly focused yogi.

Naga Reclining Waterfall
The Magnum Opus

The Sanctuary

The next chapter began when Naga decided to dive deep into it all and move to the jungle! On Costa Rica’s magical Nicoya Peninsula, Naga created and directed his magnum opus: The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, a 12,000 square foot, off-the-grid, tropical-modern-zen yoga and meditation eco-retreat.

Chef Naga currently lives (and cooks!) at the Sanctuary with his family, Lakshmi Rising Director Dr. Liz Lindh and their daughter Gia. Together, they lead yoga, wellness, and culinary trainings in Costa Rica and across the globe.

The Magic

How He Works


Think about it.


Play with  ingredients.



Serve it up!

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