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Love Warrior Wellness Retreat

This weekend is designed to bring spaciousness to the heart center (our individual hearts and the metaphorical collective heart that we all share) so that we can better process all that has unfolded during these past several years. A unique sequence of wellness experiences in spectacular locations will inspire you to create positive change in your own life by awakening the love warrior within.

Let the magic and beauty of Newport reconnect you with your own inner magic and beauty. The landscape of our city by the sea will support this transformational retreat as we explore the landscape of the heart, our seat of inner wisdom and intuition.

Whether you are a local or just in town for a visit, we welcome you to spend a mid-summer weekend cultivating health and well-being. You provide your own accommodations, we provide the itinerary. This retreat is open to everyone, no experience required.

Renew • Recharge • Reboot

Benefits of this retreat

  • Having fun is the greatest benefit and best medicine for anything
  • Decompressing from the demands and over-stimulation of modern life heals the nervous system, boosts immunity and feels great
  • Making new friends expands your comfort zone
  • Coming together and creating community is deeply fulfilling
  • Cultivating unconditional positive regard & non-judgment for ourselves and others makes us more able to see and enjoy the beauty of life
  • Connecting with our intuition helps us to make the best choices in life and guides us to our higher selves
  • Generosity of the spirit supports the welfare of all beings everywhere, including ourselves
  • Pranayama (yogic breathing)  and meditation help clear the mind, enhance creativity, strengthen the heart, thymus and lungs, and improve our resilience to stress
  • Movement relieves aches and pains, produces endorphins (feel good hormones), and improves mood
  • Plant-based dining supports longevity, heart health, weight management and environmental responsibility
  • Nutritious foods improve overall health
  • Breathing fresh clean ocean air strengthens the lungs
  • The powerful geology lining the rocky oceanfront is super charged with ancient grounding energy which will anchor and support our inner work
  • The salt water and big trees (some are 100+ years old) infuse the local prana with anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory ions and healing vibes

Experience Includes:

Intention setting to make the most of this unique opportunity for self-study & reflection
Practices for cultivating presence, joy, intuition, compassion, gratitude & forgiveness
Cacao Ceremony to activate & harmonize the heart space
Lakshmi Rising Conscious Dance
4-course farm to table, plant-based dinner paired with organic wines and adaptogenic herbal elixirs
(Menu is lacto-ovo vegetarian with vegan and non-alcoholic options)
Beach Clean-up
Instruction in meditation, mantra & yogic breathing exercises
Ocean Ritual for deep cleansing & rejuvenation
Itinerary of suggested activities for the weekend outside of our scheduled programming in alignment with our retreat concepts 
Gift bag with goodies valued at over $200

Welcome Home

The Experience

Friday evening 7-8:30pm (location: Love > Fear)
Cacao Ceremony & Conscious Movement to Activate the Heart Space

In this evening ritual, we will explore the space of the heart through contemplative journaling, sacred cacao elixir, conscious movement & ecstatic dance.

This will serve as the opening circle of our retreat experience. We will set the intention of deep listening to the wisdom of our hearts. Through this practice, we transcend the mind to connect with our intuition and higher knowing. From this perspective, we will delve into the concepts of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and love.

Bring water to drink, clothes you can move (and maybe sweat) in, and an openness to connect with your wisdom body.

Saturday 5:30-9pm (shuttle will bring you to and from an exclusive surprise location)

Saturday evening 5:30-9pm (Secret Location)
Oceanside 4-course Gaia Gourmet Dinner Party

Enjoy the beauty of life with a magical evening of waterfront dining, uplifting conversations and mindfulness practices.

Open your heart with a nourishing, decadent, healthy and sensual meal prepared with love…all in good company and enchanting surroundings.

A private estate overlooking the ocean will be the secret locale for a sensory overload of enjoyment; lovingkindness meditation, light movement, buddhist dharma talk, and lots of blessings!

Farm-to-table with our friends at Hawk & Handsaw Farm, we will serve up the most delicious Italian inspired al fresco supper you’ve ever had.

Dinner will be paired with organic wines from California and Italy, as well as adaptogenic herbal concoctions made by Liz Lindh.

(Vegan and non-alcoholic options available)

Because this is a private home, we have arranged a shuttle to pick you up at either the Newport Visitors Center or Bellevue Shopping Center at 5:30 for a short commute and then to drop you off again after our gathering ends just past 9:00.

Wear garden party chic clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Anything goes!

Sunday afternoon 4-6pm (location: Ft.Adams)
Our retreat ends with giving a little love back to Mother Earth (and our community) by picking up litter along the rocky coastline Ft. Adams.

After the beach clean-up, we will come together for our closing ritual which includes a cathartic ocean plunge to rejuvenate the connection between us and our higher self.

Wear a swimming suit, and bring a big beach towel to sit on and to dry off with.


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