Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck


Yantras are:

  • Empowerment symbols

  • From Northern India derived from Mantras

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Planets and Deities

  • Invoked to remind you of your greatest qualities

  • Positive Archetypes

  • Tools to connect with your creativity

  • Fun to work with

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44 Exquisite Cards For Daily Healing

Sacred shapes and colors to help harness your intuition and manifest the miraculous. The 44 Colored Cards are housed in a beautiful box accompanied by a fold out pamphlet.

Choose your color, your design, and in just a minute or two each morning start every day with one of the 44 Yantra Bliss Oracle cards. Each card in this Yantra Deck offers ancient wisdom teachings that will nourish your dreams and positively enhance the way you see your life.

Breathe in the beautiful colors and feel their effect throughout the day. The process is centering. The results are astonishing.

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