Practicing noble silence is a wonderful way to focus our energies and awareness inward and to conserve Prana. On our 200 hour Hatha Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, we spend from 6am-10am each Saturday morning in silence together. We share sacred space during our self guided morning yoga asana practice, self guided meditation practice and silent breakfast. No wifi, devices, headphones, music…just you.

Many wisdom cultures value vows of silence for varying periods of time, a few hours to several years. It is a form of fasting and of pratyahara (one of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga). We are refraining from consumption of sound vibration and space in order to communicate. We are withdrawing from the external sense organ of Vac, speech. We rest our voices and find solace in the silence. In the holy quiet, our nervous systems can relax and replenish. We have the space to deeply listen. There is no pressure to fill the space, just to mindfully be.

Take a vow of silence today. If possible, maintain it all day long. Otherwise, spend some time observing silence that fits your life responsibilities. Notice how comfortable or uncomfortable it is. Notice your internal dialog. Notice your need to communicate and engage with others.

About Dr. Liz Lindh:

I am Dr. Liz Lindh, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, holistic skincare and natural beauty expert, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer. I am the Director of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica and Founder of Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga & Wellness.

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