LAKSHMI is the goddess of love, good fortune, beauty, and prosperity.
means to advance, grow, or ascend.
is integration.
WELLNESS is a balanced way of living to the fullest in harmony with all that is.

This is about love. Loving ourselves; loving one another; loving animals and plants; loving Mother Earth; loving adventure, knowledge, wisdom, art, imagination, and tradition. Loving all of it because it is life.

Lakshmi Rising Yoga & Wellness is a portal for optimal health, empowerment, and personal growth. We emphasize yoga, learning, farm-to-table plant-based cuisine, travel, art, culture and integrative medicine as the pillars of a healthy, balanced, and enjoyable lifestyle. Our approach is eco-friendly, socially conscious, sustainable, and green, so that we make the world a better, brighter place through our actions and consumer choices. We deeply believe in having fun!

Benefits of Lakshmi Rising’s yoga teacher training immersion programs and wellness offerings include grace, flexibility, strength, balance, and well-being in the body and mind. Whether you choose a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training immersion in Costa RicaItalyFranceSpain, or a digital e-learning yoga course, you will come away with increased purpose, clarity, creativity, focus, connection, inner peace, and confidence. We invite you to educate, empower, and evolve with us!

Deepen Your Practice and Learn to Teach

Lakshmi Rising Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an awareness-based practice that includes dynamic asana, intelligent sequencing, pranayama, mantra, meditation, dance, kriya, self-study, and ritual. Consistently named one of the best yoga teacher trainings around the globe, Lakshmi Rising now offers destination yoga immersion programs around the world.

We use the body as a metaphor to understand where we are stuckphysically, mentally, or emotionally. This therapeutic practice offers space and tools to recognize and transform habits, patterns, and conditionings that cause suffering for ourselves and others. Our holistic perspective cultivates awareness, strength, and flexibility on all levels. This yoga is accessible to all.

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