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The Lakshmi Rising Wellness Network is a collective of healers who offer a wide range of opportunity to approach your specific wellness program and protocol from where you are, with what you need, in this present moment.

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Dr. Liz Lindh is the Founder & Program Director of Lakshmi Rising Yoga & Wellness, a portal for health, spirituality, creativity, and community. Currently based at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers on Costa Rica’s magical Nicoya Peninsula, Liz facilitates transformative, Yoga Alliance-approved Yoga Teacher Trainings, luxurious yoga retreats, and wellness workshops in Costa Rica and across the globe. She offers lifestyle inspiration for empowerment and awakening through movement, meditation, ritual, self-care, exploration of the natural world, environmental stewardship, and creative self-expression; all in support of personal and collective evolution and healing.

Liz is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, holistic skincare and natural beauty expert, yoga teacher, and yoga teacher trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and a Masters of Oriental Medicine degree from the East West College of Natural Medicine, along with additional training and certifications across many health and wellness disciplines including Ayurveda, meditation, acu-point injection therapy, psychology, functional medicine, holistic nutrition, and herbal medicine.
Liz’s yoga education has been focused on the vinyasa lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya taught directly from his son TKV Desikachar, Shiva Rea, and other wonderful teachers over the past 25+ years. She also studies and practices classical tantra passed down through the teachings of Sri Kapilnath, Sri Mahendranath, and Dr. Robert Svoboda. Her passion and inspiration for conscious dance comes from the philosophy of 5 Rhythms taught directly by creator Gabrielle Roth and her son Jonathan Horan. Liz has also undergone intensive studies in classical Pilates in the direct lineage of Joseph Pilates with instructor Junya Tanner. She continues to study the timeless wisdom and cutting-edge knowledge of her beloved teachers: sages, artists, and scientists from cultures near and far. She integrates time-tested traditions, ancient wisdom, and modern innovation with direct experience to share her clear and informed perspective on yoga and wellness.
Liz Lindh has worked with award-winning musicians, actors, authors, dancers, athletes, and artists of all kinds to inspire creativity, beauty, and focus; enhance performance; and prevent injury. Her extensive experience in Integrative Medicine includes research with stroke patients at Health South Rehabilitation Hospital; a tour with a rock band as their private acupuncturist; presentations at the University of Miami Miller College of Medicine with her mentor Dr. James E. Williams; the development and implementation of a yoga, meditation, and wellness program for cancer survivors for The Wellness Community, an international non-profit support group; and the formulation of her own line of herbal elixirs and beauty products.
Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, and The Chalkboard Mag have all featured Liz’s yoga sequences, retreats, and wellness concepts. She frequently is featured online and on television and radio as a yoga and wellness expert, has been recognized by MindBodyGreen as a leader in the field of wellness, and received a Mercury Love Award for “Best Yoga Instructor.”

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Consultation with Dr. Liz Lindh **INTRO SPECIAL**


With over 20 years of experience in the healing arts, Dr Liz Lindh can answer your questions, offer customized healing recommendations to meet your needs, and find solutions to support the optimal wellness and balance of your body, mind, and soul.

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Meditation Guidance with Dr. Liz Lindh **INTRO SPECIAL**


An initial Meditation Package consists of a 60-minute consultation with meditation instruction, feedback and support, and a Q&A. This program is perfect for those with no experience at all to seasoned meditators and everyone in between. 

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E-RYT 200, RYT 500, AHC Ayurvedic Practitioner


Gaby Coletta is a Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Ayurvedic Health Counselor based in Northern California. Be it on or off the mat, she shares the ancient teachings of yoga as a practice to re-discover the limitless potential that resides within each of us. Her experience is steeped in over 10 years of practice and study, with a focus on cultivating a deep understanding of one’s relationship between mind, body and heart. Influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, Earth wisdom and somatic psychology, her guidance is grounded with intention and inspires intuitive discovery. 


After experiencing the life-changing effects of consistent mindfulness in her own life, Brittany began sharing the practices that led her to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Ever since starting a regular practice in 2010, Brittany has found it easier to be present, laugh (a lot) and enjoy beauty in the world around her. Life can get pretty serious but the time we spend in our practice doesn’t have to be. Brittany brings a light-hearted sense of ease to her teachings so the practices feel accessible to her students.

Brittany believes her purpose is to help others create a foundation for a more happy and peaceful life. She shares mindfulness through meditation, yoga, sound healing, breathwork and yoga nidra with her communities in California, Costa Rica and online. Brittany guides with the intention of inviting balance and a deep sense of calm to those she practices with so that they may embody their own journeys of Beautifully Awakening. She strives to share her light with the world and encourages others to do the same. Read more...


Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500 yoga & meditation teacher, continuing education provider, and yoga nidra guide

Holistic Health Coach


Alexandra Moncreiffe is a holistic health coach and yoga teacher from the hills of Scotland. She has had a deep connection to health, wellness and nature from a young age. Alexandra grew up and lived with people suffering from all kinds of illness from food intolerances and autoimmune diseases to cancer. This developed a strong passion in her to help and support others. At the age of 21 her vocation to natural healing lead her to train as a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and she began her practice in London.

With visits to India she deepened her knowledge, studying Ayurveda and yoga instruction. Alexandra specialises in working with people who suffer from anxiety and overwhelm, as well as people who are looking to find balance in their bodies and lives. She teaches people tools to manage their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in a positive, healthy and productive way. She trained to teach Vinyasa yoga at the Lakshmi Rising School. Nutrition, herbalism, meditation, yoga asana, mindfulness and pranayama are all integral aspects of Alexandra’s coaching. Her experience is steeped in over 10 years of practice and study, with a focus on cultivating a deep understanding of one’s relationship between mind, body and heart. Influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, Earth wisdom and somatic psychology, her guidance is grounded with intention and inspires intuitive discovery. Read more...


When we explore our relationship with food, we explore our relationship with self. My name is Molly and I have studied, seen and experienced this personally in a variety of different ways. To put it very simply: what, when, where, why and how we eat says a lot about us. And compounded overtime, our patterns of eating – both conscious and unconscious – largely determine our quality of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

When used as a resource, a balanced diet of whole mostly plant-based foods naturally supports our healthiest and happiest selves, while simultaneously slowing down the aging process and protecting us from preventable illness and disease. Beyond this, when we eat thoughtfully and with intention, we cultivate a deeper sense of connection to ourselves, others and the world around us.
As a Lifestyle Medicine Nutritionist, I offer a comprehensive approach to health, nutrition and mindfulness that practically and playfully draws on the complementary perspectives of evidence-based science, nutrition and ancient Zen Buddhist philosophy. My goal is to guide you towards a heightened state of happiness, awareness, and motivation for positive change, and my offerings are for anyone looking to cultivate a more mindful relationship to both health and self.


RYT-500, Lifestyle Medicine Nutritionist, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Seeds of Life Plant-Based Chef / Conscious Caterer

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