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Advanced 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Details

Advanced 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Details

Our 300-hour advanced program is a yoga intensive designed to nourish your practice, inspire your teaching, and expand your skill set. This immersion provides unique tools and valuable wisdom for both self-development and sharing with your community. Students have two...

MANTRA: Chanting to Higher Consciousness

MANTRA: Chanting to Higher Consciousness

A mantra practice can be done mentally (as we have already explored in the japa practice) or out loud. Chanting mantras is a form of yoga. It is different from singing in that you need zero musical talent or experience to benefit. Purely on a psychological level, when...

Japa Mala: Using Prayer Beads

Mala beads are beautiful and diverse. They can be made of any material; glass, stone, plastic, clay, metal, seed or wood. Cultures from around the world use them. Many people wear them and do not realize what they are for or where they come from; but they do make...

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