Why Do a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Europe in 2022

The reasons you should consider taking your YTTC in Europe 

We’ve heard it a million times over the course of the last two years: the pandemic has drastically altered our lives…And brought with it a whole new slew of decisions we have to make. If you are reading this article, one of those decisions may be: Where should I take my Yoga Teacher Training in 2022?

The question of where to take your YTT can already be an overwhelming one, under normal circumstances. In this article, we’re going to make it a bit easier for you, by covering the reasons why taking yours in Europe in 2022 may be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself right now…

Traveling During the Pandemic

The idea of traveling anywhere these days feels extra stressful and confusing. What is open, what are the restrictions like, what is the ease of access within the country I’m going to? 

Ease of Travel 

Thankfully, in Europe you have the advantage of the closeness of all of the EU countries. If you’re arriving from somewhere in Europe, chances are you’re going to be a short flight (or train) and cheap ticket away from your TTC destination. You don’t have to worry about being thousands of miles from home or getting stuck somewhere in the midst of changing restrictions. 

If you’re coming from outside of Europe and wanting to make the most out of your trip, you can extend your travel experience (either before or after your training) by easily exploring any of the many neighboring countries. A quick boat ride over to Sardinia, anyone?

Online vs. In-Person YTTC

Online yoga trainings have become commonplace these days, but there is nothing that can replace the experience of an in-person Yoga Teacher Training. The same way you can’t replace a holiday meal with your family by watching your grandpa slice a pie through Zoom. 

The Benefits of In-Person Training

The energy exchange and immersive nature of an in-person destination yoga training is one of the reasons so many people call their YTT a life-changing experience. Forming deep friendships, expanding your perspective, surrounding yourself in the beauty of nature, in-the-moment organic wisdom from your teacher… There are enough benefits to taking your training in-person, it would take up the whole page, but we’ve compiled a list of a few of them which you can read here!

Choosing the Right Location for Your YTTC 

Whatever you are surrounded by directly influences your experience. Europe is one of the most inspiring and stunning places you could visit, in it’s variety of landscape, culture and architecture. With Lakshmi Rising, you can take your Yoga Teacher Training Course in a selection of charming properties, situated in several beautiful locations.

The Beauty of Europe

Look out over the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean at a manor located just outside of Barcelona (walking distance to the beach).  Explore the wild and lush countryside of Southern France, or walk amidst the olive groves and drink a glass of wine from the vineyards in Northern Italy. Click to read more descriptions of our Europe offerings. 

There is a reason why such an abundance of incredible art and literature emerged from here. Nature and inspiration abound; the perfect setting for your inner and outer exploration. 

Finding Your Yoga Family 

From the hundreds of testimonials we have received from students following the completion of a TTC, there is a common theme that stands out. One of the most impactful take-aways from their training is the Kula, the bond and sisterhood (brothers welcome, too) that is formed. 

Close-Knit Community 

Finding your people…who will not only share your same love for yoga, but also an unforgettable experience which only you will have been through together. This can be the basis for life-long friendships, but the difficult part is when you have to say goodbye and fly halfway across the world. Having this kind of in-person community available to you only a short train-ride or flight away, is one of the benefits of taking your training in Europe. 

Even if you’re traveling from North America, it will be a lot easier and cheaper to make it to the re-union in Italy, rather than Indonesia. 

When it comes to the question of where to take your Yoga Instructor Training in 2022, it might feel like your options are limited. In reality, there are new possibilities arising all around you, including some incredible ones you may not have had the chance to notice before. 

What may feel like the worst time to do a yoga teacher training course could actually end up being the best time…Just as we learn in yoga practice: by diving into the unknown, we are rewarded with some of our most enriching and beautiful experiences. 

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