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The Lakshmi Rising teacher training program was very well structured and the teachers were very supportive and passionate about teaching. I love the manual we received, it is extremely helpful. The “Gaia Gourmet” food was delicious and the whole staff did everything with so much love and passion. Thank you very much for the whole experience. -Miriam Egli Sep 06, 2023

Liz is incredibly knowledgeable and authentic in her yoga teaching—both spiritual and asana techniques. I so enjoyed my immersive 300-hr training and could not recommend the school and Liz enough!
-Leah Ost Jul 22, 2023

The 3 weeks I spent at Lakshmi Rising in Costa Rica were some of best, most healing and informative weeks of my life. I learned more about yoga than I ever knew before and how it ties into our everyday lives. The essence of yoga is so much more than physical postures, and we dove deep into making it all make sense. I would wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to take their personal practice further, teach others, or just embark on their own healing journey. It was absolutely beautiful. -Meghanne Potter May 02, 2023
I had an absolutely wonderful experience at the Lakshmi Rising YTT in France. The experiences provided me the opportunity to think deeper about my role as a yogi and a teacher, and the experiences pushed my boundaries and comfort zone (in a good way!). -Meghan Fitzgibbons Dec 30, 2022
Outstanding! By far one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The curriculum was thoroughly organized and the instruction very effective and professional. Liz provides you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I learned so much and am still learning every day from the materials and lessons that she provided. The Sanctuary is a welcoming and healing place. It will nourish you, body and soul. Buy the cookbook and enjoy Naga’s recipes for life. Delicious food and beautiful surroundings. I am so grateful for this training. Teaching us to adapt the pose to the person was liberating. If you have the opportunity to train with Liz Lindh, take it! -Ingrid Epperly Jan 04, 2023
Love this school and everything about it. The food, the instruction , the teachers, the environment are just perfect. I would recommend this training site over any site in the world!!! I healed a lot during this training, but also learned so much that I hope to teach my students some day! -Kiersten Melder Dec 20, 2022
I attended this YTT as part of my sabbatical from a busy job, with the intention of using it to extend my practice. I knew at 54 yrs I would be at the older end of the spectrum of students. Age did not matter here. Liz Lindh is an outstanding teacher – knowledgeable, skilful, honest, sensitive, helpful, thorough, thoughtful and safety focussed all the time. Using exercise science to underpin her practice and modern views on the philosophies we learned- this was an exciting, warming and unique experience. I have come away now thinking I will teach. -Rachel Anticoni Jul 08, 2022
So much more than just yoga. An eye-opening experience beyond words. -Roya Vaziri Jun 26, 2022
Great 300YTT, would definitely recommend. Liz is a great teacher – I loved her creative yoga classes, the content of the course, the wellness component, her wealth of experience and teaching style. All of this in a beautiful location, surrounded by nature and nourished with delicious and healthy food. -Anna Huth Jan 05, 2022
There is no other program or experience like this one. I leaned more about yoga and about myself in these three weeks than I ever thought possible! I am forever changed and grateful for this experience.
-Amanda Long Nov 13, 2021
Liz is very knowledgeable and I appreciated that the training and education went beyond just the physical practice of yoga, that we focused a lot on philosophy and meditation, and the practice of being a yogi off the mat, in everyday life. I’m grateful for the wonderful connections and bond I made with the other students/yogis. And I believe this experience really forces you to take a deeper look at yourself, what your triggers are, what challenges you, and the ways you can experience joy and transformation. -LaKeisha Mondy – MondeiYoga May 17, 2021
This was a life changing experience. Liz is the most amazing, powerful, dedicated teacher trainer I could have dreamed of. So thankful to have taken my 200 hours from Liz at Lakshmi rising. So excited to continue my training and teach others. -Alana Kiewiet Nov 28, 2020
Lakshmi Rising is the most fantastic school that covers so much that you wouldn’t even expect. It isn’t just a Yoga school but truly a life-changing experience. -Georgie Kay Yoga & Wellness Dec 01, 2019
Dr. Liz Lindh is an amazing, lovely, generous soul. I am so grateful that I choose her, to do my program with her. I attended her 3 week program in Tuscany Italy. I had no idea of the internal transformation that I would go through over the 3 weeks. Liz’s wealth of knowledge of so many different aspects of Yoga has opened my eyes and my heart. I would highly recommend her and her program that she has created. Namaste.
-Suzi Jarvis Oct 21, 2019
I am grateful that Lakshmi Rising exists. I received so much personal growth from Dr. Liz Lindh whilst training to teach yoga. I couldn’t have asked for a more integrative experience to learn yoga, meditation, mantra, and dance along with being so lovingly nourished. Thank you so much! -Boravy Nhim Dec 28, 2018
Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness provided me with an experience I will always remember and cherish. This training taught me so much about myself, ayurveda, meditation, yoga, and being a great teacher. The staff and students were very kind and the accommodations were lovely. -Bri Rollins Aug 12, 2018
Lakshmi Rising for Yoga and Wellness teacher training was amazing. The teacher training has changed my life. Liz Lindh, the teacher, was incredible. Liz is beyond an exceptional teacher! I would recommend this yoga teacher training for anyone that is interested in yoga and is interested in having a life changing experience. -Heather Schmitt Jul 27, 2017
This training is a wonderful spiritual journey; one that everyone should experience at least once in their life. -Terra Meierdierck Jul 19, 2016
Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness really prepared me well to be a competent and authentic yoga teacher. The instructors here created a safe space for us to make mistakes, learn, and explore, all the while supporting us in our journey towards self-discovery and understanding. -Kathryn Barrall Jun 11, 2016
Lakshmi Rising School is just the place to be – you will grow and become more than you are. I’ve learned so much about Yoga und more about myself. Liz, our teacher, she is a wonderful person with so much experience and an extremely good heart. -Andrea Schauer Jan 31, 2016
This training and experience was everything I was looking for and more! I could never of imagined what it would turn out to be. Everything was beyond perfect, Liz was so knowledgeable and so inspiring. I have never felt so balanced in my mind body and spirit and never had such an inspiring experience. I cant wait to go back! -Krystal Jul 27, 2015
Deep dive and life changing. Teaches you from the heart and LR makes sure that you’ll be able to make it your own. -Sanne Jacobs Aug 08, 2023
Liz and the teachers at Lakshmi Rising provided an extremely comprehensive, challenging but accessible, immersive learning experience that I will never forget and will always support in every way that I can. I am very grateful for their generosity of spirit, wide and deep knowledge and multifaceted educational experience. Oh! And the food! Life-giving, life-changing! -Anoa Monsho Jun 22, 2023
Having experienced several different YTT programs between Bali, Costa Rica, and the US, I would highly recommend attending or deeply considering Lakshmi Rising when beginning to research options for your 200 hr YTT. Lakshmi Rising did an excellent job at teaching and demonstrating various different expressions of the physical practice as well as styles of meditation. The instructors at this program genuinely live and practice yoga in manner that honors the depth of its philosophy and origins beyond the mere physical asanas. The instructors took the time to meet each student where they were, providing flexibility where needed, whilst also maintaining the structural integrity and high standards of a thoroughly designed, developed, and routinely refined curriculum. The food was incredible, and learning about the Ayurvedic principles behind our daily nourishing meals became an integral piece of the overall experience. The staff was lovely and each person working with Lakshmi Rising served as a testament to the safe, positive, respectful, stimulating, and healing atmosphere & culture that the founders have cultivated in their many years of creating this space for deep & transformative learning. Last but not least, the element of community that Lakshmi Rising promotes throughout their training is extremely powerful and motivating for the transition out of training and into teaching. Upon graduating from the program, LM continues to support and answer questions pertaining to both the practice, philosophy, and business of yoga. I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned from and trained under this program, and overall had a very positive experience. -Molly Hoolahan Feb 09, 2023
Everything is well organised, thoughtfully and carefully designed to be educational and introspective. I’ll be forever grateful for the lessons I learnt from my time there and for giving me this platform, inspired and ready to go out there and guide others in their Yoga practice. -Nicholas Whaley Dec 29, 2022
Participating in the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness teacher training program was quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. The supportive atmosphere created by the teachers and other students made it a safe place where I could learn and grow. It truly was a transformative experience. -Jessica Orme Dec 20, 2022
The YTT was more intense, deep and emotional than I expected and I absolutely loved that. Brittany is an amazing teacher that guided us with so much love and knowledge through the training, always holding space for us and empowering us when needed. I´m ready to share my insight and love, thank you so much! -Saskia Traxler Sep 29, 2022
A truly incredible experience. Helped me tremendously to deepen my own practice and establish healthy lifestyle choices. Now, months later, I still take what I learned with me everyday. Thank you!!
-Evergreen Jun 26, 2022
Liz Lindh is a wonderful, extremely knowledgeable teacher. I’m certain that I got one of the best trainings available and I feel prepared to offer safe, creative yoga to my future students. Living in the jungle during the rainy season definitely presents challenges, so don’t take that lightly and be prepared for lots of bug bites (if you’re one of those people who normally gets bug bites) and dampness from the jungle climate. But honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience, it all led to my awakening. -Sophia Etienne Jul 18, 2022
Every detail of this training was meticulously thought out and intentional. This made the experience not only amazing but obtainable to any level of yogi. It was taught in such a way that even though the curriculum is a lot of information it stays with you. Beautiful experience. -Sara Beth Bivens Feb 10, 2022
Every detail of this training was meticulously thought out and intentional. This made the experience not only amazing but obtainable to any level of yogi. It was taught in such a way that even though the curriculum is a lot of information it stays with you. Beautiful experience. -Sara Beth Bivens Feb 10, 2022
This school is incredible! Liz and Naga are brilliant and have created a santuary with the most amazing immersive experience. One full of knowledge and honoring the true essence of yoga in its many forms.
-Arielle Coley Feb 15, 2021
Liz Lindh was the best teacher I could’ve asked for. The training I received was thorough, professional, and transformational. I felt completely prepared by the training to begin teaching. I feel very blessed to have attended Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga as it was a comprehensive exploration of yoga and all it’s teachings – not just asana. I would recommend this training to anyone seeking the best 200 hour program available.
-Kristine Bellinger Feb 13, 2020
I feel so confident about teaching after learning at Lakshmi rising. It was the most incredible experience and I really felt all of the teachers were truly dedicated to preparing everyone to become confident, safe, creative and happy teachers. And that was just the basics- there is so much more magic, self discovery, connection and expansion that came from my training. The teachers at Lakshmi rising really live and believe in what they teach and are also so wonderfully open minded- encouraging everyone to question and develop their own relationship with what we learn. Their knowledge is deep and I really felt how passionate they were about sharing it all with us. It was a very balanced training between exact and clear teaching about how to structure classes, in depth detail on postures, running yoga as a business etc. and also learning to be intuitive, flowing with what we learn, transforming ourselves along the way and connecting with our own practice. I am so grateful and I will treasure this experience for life and I am so excited to share all everything I’ve learned. -Alexandra Moncreiffe Jan 19, 2020
This was an incredibly well rounded and in depth leaning experience, not to mention a life changing and transcendent life experience. -Hallie Taylor Dec 01, 2018
All around balanced curriculum and skilled training staff. -Kyle Krueger Aug 08, 2018
This was an excellent 200h yoga teacher training, with superb teachers and trainers, amazing location, food, accommodation and facilities. The training exceeded my expectations by far. I was moved, physically, mentally and spiritually – in my heart and soul. I can highly recommend Lakshmi Rising School of Yoga and Wellness to everyone! Thank you Liz and Naga for this great experience. Love <3 -Sara Silfverberg Mar 23, 2018
I came to Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga to become a certified yoga instructor and what I got was SO much more. I had know idea how much growth would take place and how it would change and impact my life on such a deep soul level. When I left the school I was prepared to teach and excited to bring the gift of yoga back home. My deepest gratitude and love to Liz and Naga and their vision to bring yoga in it’s purist form to all who come through their school. They are a treasure… -Eva Lowry Feb 20, 2017
Liz Lindh and the teachers and program she has put together at Lakshmi Rising changed my life, enriched my yoga practice and set me on a path of deeper self-discovery and sustainable sharing of this ancient knowledge of Love. -VJ Bala Aug 15, 2016
The program was very well rounded and filled with unforgettable experiences. -Brianna Young Jul 13, 2016
Incredible environment to practice and learn about yoga philosophy, delicious food and amazingly talented, smart and kind teachers. -Rachel Weinstein Nov 08, 2015
Each of the instructors we interacted with were passionate about and expertly versed in their subject matter. With regards to the asana practive, labs and teaching, Liz Lindh is amazing Yoga Instructor. She is patient, encouraging, and has a deep knowledgeable about Yoga. The classroom setting and course work prepared me to deepen my experience in a way that was honoring my physical being as well as my spiritual being. I feel incredibly lucky to have had my first yoga teacher training here. -Edie Nehls Aug 18, 2015


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